Greg Tao Technical Lead
Greg is developing the autoclave as his master’s thesis in MIT’s Mechanical Engineering department. He has extensive experience designing and prototyping medical products as well as a background in pre-medicine. He interned with Ethicon-endo Surgery and Apple Inc, both leading engineering firms in their respective fields. Provided a warm reception to the product this summer, he plans to take a year after graduating to further develop the autoclave platform into a truly sustainable business in Nepal. Fully committed through September 2013

Hallie Cho Business Strategy Lead, Design Consult
Hallie is a first year graduate student in Mechanical Engineering at MIT. She graduated with a dual-degree in Mechanical Engineering and Management from MIT in 2010. She has experiences in product design (both in medical and consumer goods), product strategy and business strategy (2 start ups, 1 government, and 1 industry experience), supply chain management and designing distribution channels. Through ALCAS, Hallie is writing her Master’s thesis on product adoption and technology transfer rates in the healthcare industries of developing world countries. Fully committed through September 2012.

Shambhu Koirala Nepal Communications Team
Shambhu is a freshman majoring in bioengineering at MIT from Solukhumbu, a remote village in Nepal. He is using his extensive list of contacts in the nearby city of Biratnagar to connect with and maintain feedback from district level hospitals. His experience organizing large events, like a nationwide Nepali cricket tournament and work with the American Embassy in Nepal, will also be very valuable in organizing the ALCAS user network. He is fluent in Nepali, which will help him in working with Pramod to identify and maintain communication with local partners in Nepal.

Pramod Krandel Nepal Communications Team
Pramod is a freshman at MIT spent the first 10 years of his life in Baglung, a remote Nepali village 60km from the city of Pokhara. At the age of 10, he moved to Pokhara for school and developed a contact network that is being used to get into district level hospitals there. He is a people person who has been involved with many community oriented Nepali programs and understands both rural and city life in Nepal. He is also fluent in Nepali and will work with Shambhu to identify and maintain communication with local partners in Nepal.